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Part 5 – Booting Linux and Editing Files

Booting Linux and Editing Files Exam Objectives 101.2 – Boot the system 101.3 – Change runlevels and shutdown or reboot system 102.2 – Install a boot manager 103.8 – Perform basic file editing operations using vi Installing Boot Loaders The machine’s boot process begins with a program called a boot loader. Boot loaders work in different […]

Part 4 – Managing Files

Managing Files Exam Objectives 103.3 – Perform basic file management 104.4 – Manage disk quotas 104.5 – Manage file permissions 104.6 – Create and change hard and symbolic links 104.7 – Find system files and place files in the correct location Using File Management Commands Unix-like systems, particularly Linux, treats almost everything as a file, […]

Part 3 – Configuring Hardware and Hard Disks

Configuring Hardware Exam Objectives 101.1 – Determine and configure hardware settings 102.1 – Design hard disk layout 104.1 – Create partitions and filesystems 104.2 – Maintain the integrity of filesystems 104.3 – Control mounting and unmounting of filesystems Configuring the Firmware and Core Hardware Firmware is the lowest level software that runs on a computer. A computer’s […]

Part 2 – Package Managers, Libraries, and Processes

Package Managers, Libraries, and Processes Exam Objectives 102.3 – Manage shared libraries 102.4 – Use Debian package management 102.5 – Use RPM and Yum package management 103.5 – Create, monitor, and kill processes 103.6 – Modify process execution priorities Package Managers Two major package management tools exist for Linux: RPM Package Manager (RPM) Debian package manager Their package files, file databases, and details of […]

Part 1 – Command Line

Foreword For further studying I highly recommend purchasing and accessing the following:  CompTIA Linux+ Powered by Linux Professional Institute Study Guide: Exam LX0-103 and Exam LX0-104 3rd Edition by Christine Bresnahan and Richard Blum Exam Review for CompTIA Linux+ (LX0-103) and LPI LPIC-1 (101-400) By Andrew Mallett Command Line Exam Objectives 103.1 – Work on the […]