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OpenStack – My Initial Journey

This article is just a collection of my personal notes while I work through using OpenStack in my new role. General OpenStack components can be divided into control, network, and compute. Control runs API services, web interfaces, databases, and message bus. Network runs service agents for networking. Compute is the virtualization hypervisor. All components use […]

LX0-104 Personal Review

Preface These are my sloppy personal notes as I prepare to take the final Linux+/LPIC1 exam. This will be replaced (in time) with better notes. Display Managers LightDM LightDM’s main configuration file is /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf: The main section is:  [SeatDefaults] Common options within this section include: greeter-session=name — sets a greeter (i.e. a welcome screen). The name value is […]

Part 5 – Booting Linux and Editing Files

Booting Linux and Editing Files Exam Objectives 101.2 – Boot the system 101.3 – Change runlevels and shutdown or reboot system 102.2 – Install a boot manager 103.8 – Perform basic file editing operations using vi Installing Boot Loaders The machine’s boot process begins with a program called a boot loader. Boot loaders work in different […]

Part 4 – Managing Files

Managing Files Exam Objectives 103.3 – Perform basic file management 104.4 – Manage disk quotas 104.5 – Manage file permissions 104.6 – Create and change hard and symbolic links 104.7 – Find system files and place files in the correct location Using File Management Commands Unix-like systems, particularly Linux, treats almost everything as a file, […]

Part 3 – Configuring Hardware and Hard Disks

Configuring Hardware Exam Objectives 101.1 – Determine and configure hardware settings 102.1 – Design hard disk layout 104.1 – Create partitions and filesystems 104.2 – Maintain the integrity of filesystems 104.3 – Control mounting and unmounting of filesystems Configuring the Firmware and Core Hardware Firmware is the lowest level software that runs on a computer. A computer’s […]

Part 2 – Package Managers, Libraries, and Processes

Package Managers, Libraries, and Processes Exam Objectives 102.3 – Manage shared libraries 102.4 – Use Debian package management 102.5 – Use RPM and Yum package management 103.5 – Create, monitor, and kill processes 103.6 – Modify process execution priorities Package Managers Two major package management tools exist for Linux: RPM Package Manager (RPM) Debian package manager Their package files, file databases, and details of […]

Part 1 – Command Line

Foreword For further studying I highly recommend purchasing and accessing the following:  CompTIA Linux+ Powered by Linux Professional Institute Study Guide: Exam LX0-103 and Exam LX0-104 3rd Edition by Christine Bresnahan and Richard Blum Exam Review for CompTIA Linux+ (LX0-103) and LPI LPIC-1 (101-400) By Andrew Mallett Command Line Exam Objectives 103.1 – Work on the […]