Certified DevOps Engineer & Full Stack Software Developer


  • BASH
  • HTML & CSS
    • Bootstrap
    • Jade
  • JavaScript
    • Node.js & Express
    • Angular & AngularJS
    • React.js
    • jQuery
  • Python
    • Web2Py
    • Flask
  • PHP
    • WordPress
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • AutoHotKey



  • Revision Control
    • Git & GitHub
    • SVN
  • Package Management
    • RPM & YUM
  • Ticketing & Documentation


  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Test Driven Design
  • Waterfall

Wells Fargo


Operating Systems Engineer - Level IV (TEKsystems)
  • Created many BASH and Python scripts to automate time consuming processes:
    • Patching and packaging internal software from source code and/or tarballs into RPM packages, uploading them to decentralized YUM repositories, and distributing them via Red Hat Satellite to all stores and branches across the country.
    • Formatting and managing hard disks, logical volumes, filesystems, and mount points.
    • Updating firmware — such as on network interface cards (NICs).
  • Developed several critical Web2Py applications; which utilized XMLRPC requests and cron to monitor the patching and compliance statuses of thousands of servers across the network.
  • Remediated various issues detected by Qualys' security scans (ex. insecure SSL cipher suites, library exploits, Apache/Nginx headers, kernel parameters, etc.).
  • Coordinated migrations of many development and production servers from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 to versions 6 and 7.


DEC 2011 - SEPT 2016

Hosting Support Developer (HSDEV) & Tier 3 - Web Pro
  • Independently designed and developed several critical web applications from the ground up using Node.js, AngularJS, and MongoDB that are used on a daily basis within the Hosting Support department:
    Name Description Benefits
    HS Nav A Node.js based navigation utility that interfaces with all Hosting Support web applications. It uses Express' Jade templating engine to render a navigation menu that passes requests through an Nginx server configured as a reverse-proxy to one of several other Node.js apps managed through PM2. Allowed for users to easily navigate between the various applications and tools developed for the Hosting Support department.
    SRT Tracker An interactive tracker for our Server Recovery Team to report and monitor unresponsive servers while working towards bringing them accessible again as quickly as possible. Ensured our SLA agreements were met with our thousands of server customers; such as not allowing servers to be down for greater than five hours.
    Breakboard A highly accurate real-time break and lunch coordination dashboard for use by agents and members of leadership. Ensured over 96% agent availability across phone, chat, and email support teams in various sub-departments.
    The RATT A streamlined restore tool for completing content and database restores across all platforms of our hosting environments. Significantly reduced the training time required to teach new agents how to perform restore request procedures — going from several days to just a few minutes. Also, greatly reduced the total execution time necessary for experienced agents to complete the restore processes — down from 7 to 10 days down to just 24 to 72 hours.
    Restore Forms A restore request form generator for tier 1 agents to quickly submit restore request escalation tickets to tier 2 agents for processing. Reduced the total number of man-hours spent on the time-consuming tasks required for completing restore request forms by over 80%, while ensuring a very high level of accuracy in the submitted information.
    Ocelot A JavaScript based browser extension that augments and improves existing features and functionality within all web-based internal tools; such as our CRM, internal ticketing system, server and database dashboards, etc. Significantly improved workflows and reduced fatigue on time consuming tasks for both agents and members of leadership.
    Sunny An AutoHotKey based multi-clipboard manager that stores and retrieves up to ten recently copied items. Greatly reduced the amount of time spent having to copying the items over and over during the work day.
  • Responsible for the setup, configuration, and administration of several development and production server environments used by all Hosting Support applications — utilizing Bash scripts and OpenStack's APIs to deploy each server on customized CentOS 7 builds.
  • Created several Bash scripts for automating the processes involved with setting up Nginx, Node.js, MongoDB, adding an 'hsdev' user and group, and setting file permissions necessary for easy collaboration amongst HSDEV team members working on the same projects and servers.
  • Regularly acted as the Scrum master for all biweekly Sprint planning sessions and demos for the HSDEV team and its project managers.
  • Wrote documentation for all applications and server configuration settings within Confluence.
  • Responsible for handling up to fifty tier 3 escalation tickets and chats for dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and shared hosting plans per day.
  • Promoted four times for excellent performance, continued improvement, and proactively offering solutions to business needs.

Cox Communications

JAN 2010 - DEC 2011

Tier 2 - Retention Specialist
  • Assisted over forty customers a day by positioning the value of Cox's services and illustrating the benefits for them to retain (or add) internet, television, and phone service.
  • Consistently met or exceeded monthly sales goals and demonstrated proficiency with other department tracked metrics (average call handle time, customer satisfaction scores, and quality assurance scores).
  • Awarded for implementing a system of keyboard macros using AutoHotKey that cut down on time necessary to navigate internal systems such as ICOMS; which reduced overall handle time — allowing a much greater volume of customers to be assisted in daily operations.



CompTIA Linux+
Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1

Mesa Community College


Computer Science
  • Currently scheduled for enrollment in the Spring, with plans to complete a bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Arizona State University (ASU).