// Jeffrey Reeves
Setup Subversion (SVN) Server with Apache on Fedora / CentOS

Foreword This tutorial covers installing Subversion (SVN) Server and configuring it to run through Apache on Fedora 24, but these steps will work on any Red Hat Linux distro (Fedora / CentOS / RHEL).   Prerequisites You will need: Fedora 24+ Sudo or Root Access   Steps Install Subversion (SVN) 1. Install SVN: $ sudo […]

Configure a Static IP Address on Fedora 24-25

Foreword This tutorial covers setting up a static IP address for a wireless connection on Fedora 24/25. This static IP address is for use locally within a home network. Prerequisites You will need: Fedora 24 or 25 A wireless card or Ethernet connection Steps Find the Available Connections 1. Run the following command to see the […]

How to Setup Fedora 25 Beta on a Raspberry Pi 3

Foreword I could not find any good options to put Fedora 25 Beta on an SD card using Windows, so I used VMWare Player with a Fedora 24. This tutorial will cover all of the steps I took. Prerequisites You will need: VMWare Workstation 12 Player Fedora 24 Workstation ISO Raspberry Pi 3 Micro SD Card […]

Set Hostname on Android M (6.0.1)

Issue Recently I configured my router to use DD-WRT, and I noticed that all of my Android devices would have a hostname in this format of ‘android-a3566e1d5961325d’. To make it easier to identify each device connected to my router, I decided to update the hostname on my OnePlus 3 — which is currently using Android […]